Building CodeResources
NotesThis is a container for resources and equipment such as vehicles, chromebooks, and other equipment that needs to be reserved or checked out.
Room CodeDimension Elite 3D
DescriptionDimension Elite 3D Printer
Room TypeResources (Non-Square Footage) - RRR
Setup Hours0.00
Teardown Hours0.00
NotesThis is the taller black/grey 3-D printer that is on the right of the desk that has a computer connected to it where you just upload your print from the computer program to the printer. This also need to be able to be booked for more than 24 hours Maintenance time is the same as the Ultimakers. The machine gives you a build time and that includes the set up and tear down times associated with the print. 

Setup Types and Capacities
Setup TypeMin CapacityMax Capacity
As Is (Default)11
No Features Defined